My Thoughts Wear Crowns

A women with a canvas strapped to her back

Have you heard about the “My Thoughts Wear Crowns” sessions?

I am excited to launch “My Thoughts Wear Crowns”, a creative inter-active empowerment class for our youth and young adults. It has been my experience that many children and young adults are misusing the words kings and queens without fully understanding what having those titles mean in today’s culture. It also appears to me that they have more confidence and royal-like respect for their favorite reality star, rapper, singer, professional athlete, or local celebrity than they do for their selves. In fact, some of our youth spend a lot of time worshiping and wishing that they could live Lebron James or Beyoncé’s life that they sometimes forget to live their own.

It is because of this that I am on a mission to use art and motivational inter-active activities to help tweak the definitions of a king and a queen to relate to today’s youth. I plan do this through providing inter-active talks and art activities that will empower and motivate today’s young kings and queens to believe in themselves. As seen in my personal works, my session will require each participant to create a piece of art that requires them paint words of wisdom and personal goals on crowns. The key is to encourage the youth to hold their own thoughts or dreams up on pedestals while learning to recognize how powerful their voices, actions, and thoughts truly are. It is no secret that with self-confidence, patience, hard work, and resilience; they too can be like their role models while at the same time developing themselves to someday become a role model for themselves and others.

This could be great for team bonding!

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