About the Queen

american queen tjd

Short Film coming soon!

Tiff: The American Queen TJD

We need another black visual art icon!

“To many BASQUIATS” #toomanybasquiats coined by TJD

For bookings AND interviews: wetakethescene@gmail.com

Here are some notable features: 

  • Red Bull Cooler Exhibition
  • Take a Knee Pad Exhibition by The Malcom Jenkins Foundation, Art for Justice, and Campaign Zero
  • West Philly Local
  • Afro Punk Featured Artist
  • Truth to Power Exhibit during the Democratic National Convention. Presented by Rock The Vote in partnership with #Cut50 and other national and community partners.
  • “Outcry!” Pop Up Art Show- Presented by African American Art Museum and the First Person Art Festival
  • Art Basel Scope Miami Digital Exhibition
  • Small Wonders Art Exhibit at Arch Enemy Arts
  • Sean John x American Queen TJD x Macy’s Collab

#americagoddam #americagoddamn #americanqueentjd #toomanybasquiatsnotenoughnewartists


Philadelphia-based artist American Queen TJD aka TIFF Davis is best known for her vibrant abstract paintings highlighting a set of words painted on top of crowns that sit above a human bust-like object.TIFF introduces a complex vision of what it means to treat your thoughts like you would a gold crown. She believes that we all must remember to fix or adjust our own crown from time to time. Her mission is to spread positive energy, hope, and motivation through art.

By creating these paintings she is sending a message about how important it is for every individual to nurture themselves by holding their own thoughts or dreams up on pedestals. Her work also stems from her own experiences and the world around her. Her most recent artwork takes a critical view of social, cultural and interpersonal issues. Some of her artistic inspirations are Basquiat, Pollock, Haring, Warhol, Picasso, RGB, Nina Simone, old Kanye, and Lauryn Hill.

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